Following video shows actual look of a sample Portable Tower display product in assembled condition.



Following Video shows ease of Disassembly, Packing, and Handling of our portable displays.

Assembly is in reverse sequence of disassembly.


Product Categories


Showcase Displays

Tower  Displays


Counter Displays


Tables/Displays with Openings on Side

Fully Closed Tables, Stands, & Displays

Tables/Table-Top Displays with Hinged Door

Containers/Displays with Opening on Top


Benefits and advantages of our Portable and Knockdown Display products:

  • More than %35 (in average) reduction in material consumption and weight while final product remain rigid and stable. Combination of plastic, glass, and hard wood in proper arrangement allows optimal benefit from all these structural materials.

  • All materials are green and recyclable. In addition, method of manufacturing does not use any toxic or dangerous solvents that are commonly used in manufacturing of similar displays by other suppliers.

  • More than %45 (in average) reduction in shipping costs compared to traditional products due to ability to disassemble the product easily and have it packed in compact condition. Therefore, there will be minimal possibility of damage to product during shipping and handling.

  • Elimination of drayage, storage, crating, and many more hidden costs
  • Drastically reduction of insurance costs
  • Thanks to the innovative design structure of our portable and knockdown displays (patent pending); it is very easy to assemble and disassemble our products. All individual container units get assembled without using any fasteners. For assembling of every container you Just need to slide in the items in sequence, following their item number.

  • Durable product that allows usage of it in many events and applications. All clear sheet elements that are in continuous contact and usage (Ex: Top, Bottom, & Shelves) are made of glass or covered with a thin protective glass sheet.
  • You can apply prints on most internal or external faces of products to customise the design to convey the important marketing, application, or guidelines right on the displays.

  • Lower overall cost and more economic products: considering quality, ease of assembly/disassembly, shipping, and other hidden costs. Great ROI (return on investment). See Catalogue pages and provided “Case Study”

  • Sustainable designs: If any part or structural element accidentally gets damaged, it can easily get replaced without scraping the entire product. We can offer spare parts at a very reasonable price.

  • Great lighting options (check each product for more details).

  • Wide range of designs, material choices, sizes, and colour choices.

Why you should buy from us?

  • You will get the best quality, price, and service directly from manufacturer
  • Our portable display products are manufactured in Canada and you can get unmatched support for any customization.
  • We offer unique “Patent Pending” products that suit wide range of applications (see “Products and Services”). People find new applications for our products all the time. Check our portable display products and find out how you can benefit from these new innovative products.

  • All portable display products are engineered for ease of assembly/disassembly, shipping, and handling to minimize your costs while having the products safe and secure.

  • We offer versatile lighting options and platforms for promoting your products. Save valuable floor space in your booth by using storage space available in these products. In addition, present your products and marketing massages professionally and effectively.

  • You will have secure shopping with quality product and service.
  • We can supply custom products according to your requirements (Some Conditions apply).

Main applications:

  • If you need a display to make your products stand out, protect your products, or protect visitors from possible injury from misuse of your demo products, you may find the solution among “Para Display” products.
  • Our portable display products are ideal for exhibitors of trade shows, moving museums, stores, and many businesses. For businesses, they don’t need to worry about what to do with their displays after the trade shows; businesses can easily carry or ship our products back to their home town and use these quality products as display or showcase at their work place (show-room, retail, hallway, etc.). All businesses can benefit from usage of our quality products in wide range of applications. Once you see and use our products, you will never want to get rid of them and you will never want to leave them in storage room to collect dust until your next exhibit. You will always find an application for them. You can change the look of the display by ordering different removable printings on Sheet faces. Your local printing service provider can supply the new printings. Therefore, you will always have an updated and fresh looking display for your next Trades show or new products in the store.

Looking for Quality Portable Displays?

At Para Display, we are all about quality and functional displays & containers that deliver style and impression for your products. Call us today to discuss about your display requirements at your trade show/office/retail/home.

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